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Relax and Revitalize at Amrita Spa


Highlights: Heavenly Grape Cloak treatment, Relaxing Hot Stone Therapy, Soothing Choco and Coffee Therapies
Features: Tranquility Body Wrap, Toxi-Cleanse, Thermal Mineral Body Mask, day spas, Packages for Couples
Hours: Open Daily 6am to 10pm
Address: Located inside Swissôtel Quito at Av. 12 de Octubre 1820 and Luis Cordero.
Phone: +593 (02) 256-7600, ext. 1402
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Perfect atmosphere. Excellent facilities. Highly skilled therapists. A myriad of treatments and therapies.


Limited treatments for men.

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Amrita Spa in Quito offers unique therapies and treatments that incorporate the best of Eastern and Western philosophies and methodologies. Ancient rituals such as the age-old practice of Moor Mud Wraps and Aromatherapy Massage are featured alongside modern spa therapies such as Chamomile Body Scrub and Hot Stone Therapy. And with 14 therapy rooms, an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, and polar pool, Amrita Spa offers a soothing end or restorative beginning to your day.

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Ponce de Leon spent a lifetime looking for the Fountain of Youth. Alas, he never found it. But I know a place where Ponce would feel right at home: the Amrita Spa, located inside Swissôtel Quito.

Amrita Spa QuitoThe spa offers a complete, restorative experience for the mind and body using an array of therapies and treatments, some of which derive their curative powers from culinary products, while others utilize manipulative applications such as reflexology and oriental and effleurage techniques.

Amrita, which in the Sanskrit language means “Elixir of Eternal Youth,” has a menu of products and services intended to embrace the “total-body-wellness” centre concept. Members and guests can now regain balance in their busy lives through access to an integrated range of spa and skin care services and cutting-edge fitness facilities within a convenient urban setting.

Spa facilities include 14 treatment rooms with attached showers, a wet room for spa body therapy treatment, plunge pools, an indoor/outdoor pool, sauna and steam rooms, solarium, and chaise lounge rest area with personal music head sets.

Unique therapies and treatments incorporating the best of Eastern and Western philosophies and methodologies are offered at Amrita Spa. These treatments have been carefully selected for their unmatched appeal to those in search of a quality spa experience. Ancient rituals such as the age-old practice of Moor Mud Wraps and Aromatherapy Massage are featured alongside modern spa therapies such as Chamomile Body Scrub and Hot Stone Therapy, to name only a few.

Other key features of Amrita Spa include its signature treatments such the Tranquility Body Wrap, Toxi-Cleanse and Thermal Mineral Body Mask and the Amrita Spa Foot and Leg Treatment.

Amrita’s ceremonial packages combine massages with natural and nourishing products, as well as other treatments such as facials and hydrotherapy.Choco Therapy - Amrita Spa Quito

Choco therapy is a treatment that offers tranquilizing effects that nourish the skin using one of nature’s richest compositions, the cocoa seed.

Coffee therapy is a novel massage that envelopes the body in coffee, a natural exfoliate, removing dead cells and maintaining fresh and soft skin.

I choose to undergo a similar process with the Grape Cloak treatment. The treatment included exfoliation and cleansing using an exclusive grape mantle, followed by a relaxation massage utilizing a thermal blanket to eliminate toxins and fats. It was sheer heaven.

All treatments, by nature, help to take away the tension of daily life, but a special menu of anti-stress therapies are tailored to specific needs. Additionally, day spas, ranging from three and a half to five hours, encompass a variety of therapies, treatments, and massages, all with the goal of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Amrita, recognizing the healing power of togetherness, also offers packages for couples. Love’s Symphony begins with a massage in a rose petal bath in an exclusive VIP room, followed by exfoliation, body moisturizing, hot rock therapy, and reflexology. Nuptial Therapy starts off with a rich, chocolate body wrap, moves on to body exfoliation and a relaxing massage with effleurage techniques combined with essential oils.

Hot Stone Therapy - Amrita Spa, QuitoIn the area of cosmetology Amrita offers dozens of facial cleanings, skin hydration and anti-aging treatments, some specially designed for men.

I also highly recommend the popular Hot Stone Therapy, a series of massages using hot volcanic stones applied to the body’s energy points to increase energy and obtain profound relaxation. This treatment is complemented with chromo-therapy and aroma-therapy.

Swissôtel Quito offers not just relaxation through Amrita Spa, but also invigoration with their gymnasium and wellness center. Enjoy a game of squash, squash, racquetball, or tennis or take a swim in the pool. Afterwards the whirlpool, sauna, and polar pool offer a way to refresh and restore the muscles following your workout.

To visit or become a member of Amrita Spa, contact Swissôtel Quito at (02) 251-0777.

Marie Plaska

Marie Plaska
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    Antonietta Sochi

    I found this spa through your website and I had to post that it was a fantastic experience. The staff really pampers you in every way and the facilities are fantastic. I had the hot stone and coffee therapies and they were just what I needed. Thanks Amrita Spa!

    Also, had to say this is a fantastic website. Plenty of useful information here. I am sending it to several gal pals and also sharing on facebook. And naturally, thank you for your effort!

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