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Coffee Tree in Cuenca: A Fun Time For All


Features: Excellent coffees and cappuccino. Daily 2 for 1 drink specials. Delectable desserts.
Meals: Breakfast served all day. Mediterranean-style pastas. Fresh salads. Tasty snacks, sandwiches, and burgers.
Signature Dishes: Coffee. Desayuno Coffee Tree Frutas. Raviolis al Pesto. Chocolate crepes.
Address: Calle Larga and Presidente Borrero
Phone: +593 (07) 283-0350
Hours: Thursday: 8am to Midnight; Friday - Saturday: 8am to 2am
Email: More Information
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5.3/ 10

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Great ambiance. Top-notch cuisine. Excellent DJs featuring trance, house and modern music. Highly recommend for smokers.


Can take some time to be seated, especially weekend nights. Restrooms are quite small. Servers can be rude at times.

Bottom Line

With it’s hip atmosphere, patio seating, cool music and delicious snacks and meals, Coffee Tree in Cuenca is the “in” place to be. This bar/restaurant serves contemporary cuisine and the latest popular drinks, such as their signature Mojitos. Come for the drinks, stay for the scenery.

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In a city dominated by old world colonial scenery, it’s nice to find a modern-chic place to relax yet still experience the vibrant scenery that makes the city so special.

My friend and I were on a business trip in Cuenca, and we needed a distraction from the stress of the day. We ventured along perhaps Cuenca’s trendiest street, Calle Larga, and saw plenty of noisy bars and upscale restaurants.Inside Coffee Tree Cuenca

But we were looking for something a little more hip, something a little more edgy, when we noticed a group of 20-somethings sitting outside on a very chilly night. It made us curious why these young adults would brave the cold; to our surprise we discovered why. This little place with two floors was the Coffee Tree, and we immediately fell in love with it.

The charm of the Coffee Tree comes from the couples, friends, and tourists who frequent the place, where besides the fine food and libations, they enjoy the Wi-Fi zone with free Internet access. North Americans and Europeans eagerly practice their Spanish with the locals, and they are very open to socializing with other foreigners as well.

Coffee Tree Is one of the few establishments in Cuenca where you can actually sit outside at night and feel warm, thanks to several blazing heating columns strategically located among the tables.

Coffee Tree’s menu features their namesake coffee; breakfasts served all day, fresh salads and pastas, satisfying sandwiches, enticing entrees, appealing appetizers, delightful desserts, and world-class alcoholic drinks.

Tabla Coffee TreeMy friend and I decided to try the “Tabla Coffee Tree” which is an appetizer plate with cold cuts, cheese, and small kebabs with chicken and meat. We happily enjoyed our “little” snack, which was actually quite huge and very tasty. Our drinks were even more attractive because they were Coffee Tree’s excellent Mojitos, and they were the day’s featured 2 for 1 drink special. The Mojitos were wonderful – a bit strong but nothing exaggerated — and they made our wallets happy too.

Throughout the night we had three different servers. The first one was well educated and polite while the other two seemed a bit sullen and tired of doing their jobs. That wasn’t charming at all.Coffe Tree Mojito

Later that night we were forced by the rain to sit inside. The environment was completely different from what we had previously experienced; it was more like visiting your typical Cuenca restaurant.

To sit outside makes you feel like you were at the movies: you being the spectator; the people on the streets would be the main characters; the city would be the scenery. And you get to see plenty of scenes each day. On that particular night we witnessed youngsters in their best outfits trying to get inside a local disco, a lady selling popcorn and sweets, and police always making sure everything was in order. Every hour or so a double-decker tour bus lumbered up Calle Larga ferrying tourists to the Turi overlook. I would call the movie “Living la Vida in Cuenca.”

On the other hand if you are a fan of modern music, I recommend you visit the place from Wednesday to Saturday because music definitely plays an important role at the Coffee Tree. A friendly DJ, with a likable beret, spins several genres of music, from Jazz to house to trance, a thoroughly modern mix but sure to appeal to all ages.

All in all, our experience was a fun and pleasant one. The prices were reasonable, the atmosphere was wonderful, and the food and drinks were a delight. Bravo, Coffee Tree!

Doug Morgan

Doug Morgan
Doug has written extensively for such well-known publications as Field & Stream, Saltwater Sportsman, Marlin, and Sport Fishing, as well as The Washington Post and Las Vegas Review-Journal.


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